How These Three Small Businesses Use Qubio To Connect the Dots

Qubio is a simple, all-in-one QR creation tool, which makes it perfect for telling your story, connecting with your audience and growing your brand. There are endless possible ways to use Qubio QR codes to add extra content to the real world & connect physical to digital. Here are three small businesses using Qubio, and […]

How to Reach Your Goals with a Great Call to Action

A great call to action can keep your viewers engaged with your content, and help you achieve your marketing and business goals. But what is a call to action, how do you choose which ones to use, and what are some great call to action ideas for video QR codes? In this post we uncover all […]

Top Tips for Using QR Codes Effectively

QR codes are a convenient way to connect places & things to the digital world. They’re simple and easy to use: you simply scan a code with your phone camera and are instantly taken to anywhere on the web. These useful little square codes are great for marketing your brand, because they can connect both […]

How to Create a Video QR Code

QR codes are a convenient and easy way to link any physical object – like a printed card or sign – with a digital experience. They’re great for connecting people with information and creating interesting and valuable experiences. For a truly engaging and memorable experience, video QR codes are the way to go. They’re perfect […]

Why Video QR Codes Are Better

In my last post I covered the limitations and shortfalls of QR codes, and how these lead to poor user experience. I also briefly discussed what we are doing at Qub to make the QR code experience better, using video QR codes. Each QR code is a unique opportunity for brands to tell their story […]

The 6 Worst QR Code Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

QR codes are awesome! They’re convenient, flexible, and a speedy way to connect physical places and things to digital content. But, I think we can agree that generally the user experience for QR codes kinda… sucks. I’m confident this has happened to you before. You scanned a QR code and got a crummy experience. You might […]

8 Video QR Code Ideas for Small Business

QR codes are a great way to link physical objects with the digital world. They’re convenient and easy to use – simply scan a code with your phone camera, and you’re immediately taken to a digital experience. The convenience of QR codes and their mobile-friendly nature make them useful for small businesses that want to […]

How to Create a Qub Video QR code – Export and Print

Want to put a Qub video QR code on anything? You can generate and export codes from the Qub app, and add video content just using your phone. Here’s how to create one: Watch the tutorial video 1. Download the free Qub creator app The app is available for iOS and is free to download […]

How to use Qub Instant Video Stickers

Getting started with Qub instant video stickers is easy. Each instant video sticker is a different QR code that you can attach a unique video message to using the Qub app. Use them to add personal video messages and video memos to anything! Here’s how to use a Qub instant video sticker:   Watch the […]


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