Create & Manage QR Codes with Qubio

Qubio is the simplest mobile all-in-one QR code creation tool. With Qubio you can quickly & easily create awesome QR experiences with mobile-optimised Qubio pages with content like videos, links and more, and create dynamic QR codes that link anywhere. All QR codes created with Qubio are dynamic codes, meaning you can re-link them to different content at any time.

Create QR codes for Qubio pages

To create a QR code for a Qubio Page, find the page and tap on it to edit it. Tap the share button, then tap Create QR or Add new QR

Create basic (web address) QR codes

If you want to create a QR code that links to an existing web address, you can use Qubio’s basic QR code generator. 

Tap New Code on the home screen. Enter the web address the code should link to. We recommend you give all your codes names so they are easy to keep track of. 

Style your QR codes 

Customise the look of your QR code with Qubio’s unique QR styles, colors and frames. Tap on a code and tap Edit Style.

Export QR codes

Tap the ‘Export’ button in the top right to export your QR code. We recommend using the SVG export option for high quality prints. 

Anyone who scans the code will see your page & interact. 

Track QR code performance

You can track your QR code’s performance on the Analytics screen, which you can reach via the home screen, or on the QR code options screen.

Create multiple codes

It’s best practice to create a unique code for each unique object or place you want to use a QR code. 

For example, if you are a small coffee shop, you might have a unique QR code on your sign, and a different QR code on your business cards, even if they are both linked to the same Qubio page. 

Having two separate codes allows you to track scan activity independently, so you know which objects or places are performing better. 

It also means at any time you can re-link the codes without affecting the others. You might start with both codes linking to one Qubio page, then decide that each QR code needs a unique content experience. 

Naming codes

Recognising QR codes just by eye can be challenging. We recommend you carefully name all of your Qubio codes with the object or place they will be used. For example, a small coffee shop would name their QR codes ‘Front Door Sign’, ‘Business Card’, ‘Coffee Cups’, ‘Loyalty Card’ and so on. 


Use Qubio’s built-in scanner to quickly access your codes & pages. Tap the scanner button on the Qubio home screen and scan one of your QR codes to edit it. 

Re-link a code

To re-link a code, find the code on the home screen and tap on it. Tap ‘Reconnect code’ and select what to link your code to. 


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