How These Three Small Businesses Use Qubio To Connect the Dots

Qubio is a simple, all-in-one QR creation tool, which makes it perfect for telling your story, connecting with your audience and growing your brand. There are endless possible ways to use Qubio QR codes to add extra content to the real world & connect physical to digital. Here are three small businesses using Qubio, and how they use Qubio’s simple tools to improve customer experiences & grow.

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Heliograf is a design studio based in Sydney with a focus on design for good. Their Gold Good Design Award-winning lamp ‘Light Soy’ is a statement on ocean plastic pollution, and is made with recycled ocean-bound plastic cleaned up in the regions that contribute most to ocean plastic pollution.

The designers were keen to tell the story behind the product & share the feel-good impact that each customer has with them during the unboxing process.

How Heliograf is using Qubio:

  • Introduction shortform video QR on the packaging
  • Thank you message inside the box
  • Instructional video QR on the product manual
  • Personal video QR messages for partnerships & collaborations


Dovecote is an awe-inspiring accommodation with unsurpassed views of the ocean and rural Australian landscape on the South Coast of New South Wales. The property is set on 150 acres of oceanfront farmland two hours south of Sydney in Gerringong NSW.  

With two immaculate & award-winning accommodations, Dovecote’s team are completely focused on creating a bespoke and unforgettable stay for guests. Dovecote has been using Qubio to add an extra dimension to the guest experience, at multiple points before, during and after the stay.

Here’s how Dovecote is using Qubio:

  • Shortform video QR on digital & print advertising
  • Welcoming late-arrival guests with a personal video message from the team
  • Activity and experience inspiration
  • Tutorials to instruct guests on how to use facilities
  • Scannable info on featured designer homewares on the property
  • Self-guided tasting experiences for catered events

Little Green Panda

Little Green Panda was founded on the belief that single use products shouldn’t be “made to last”, and produces drinking straws, cutlery and coffee cups made from compostable materials that break down just like a piece of fruit.

Here’s how Little Green Panda is using Qubio:

  • Adding personal video QR messages to cards in sample packs
  • Thanking repeat customers with a QR sticker
  • Educational content for composting their products sustainably, printed right on the products

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