How to use Qubio Pages

Qubio is a simple way to create awesome QR code experiences on your phone. The key to a great QR code is optimising the experience for users on-the-go, and Qubio’s dynamic QR pages are fast & easy way to create engaging content perfectly optimised for mobile. 

Create a Qubio page

Tap New Page on the home screen. A new page will be created for you. 

Add your content

Tap Add a Block or the + in the toolbar to add a content block. You can choose from a range of content blocks like links, videos, image carousels and more advanced blocks like email subscribe. 

Need inspiration?

Get started by adding a Bio, Social Icons, Carousel and a Link to your Website. 

Global blocks

Some blocks, like the Bio, Logo and Contact Card blocks are what we call ‘Global blocks’. These blocks display the same content on every page they’re placed on, so if you change your logo image on one page, it will update on every page. 

This is also how social icons work in Qubio – if your social account details are updated, the social icon will be updated on every page you’ve used it on.

Style your page

Tap the Palette in the toolbar to access the Page Style options. You can customise the background, buttons, font and more. 

View your Page

Tap the button and tap View on Web to preview your page. 

Prevent people from viewing your page (without deleting it) by tapping the Page Visible toggle in the Page Options. 

Create a QR code for your page

Tap Share at any time in the top right to see the QR codes connected to your page. If your page is new, you can tap the Create QR button to add one. 

You can connect multiple QR codes to a single page, which is useful if you want to track scans from different items or places, or you want flexibility in the future to show different content on some of your QR codes. Tap Add New QR to link additional QR codes to your page.

Share your code

Style your code & export it. We recommend using the SVG export option for high quality prints. 

Anyone who scans the code will see your page & interact. 

 Be dynamic

Your content can be updated at any time, so be dynamic and go with the flow. You can even re-link your QR code at any time to another Qubio page or a web address.

What to use Qubio for

Use Qubio to add a digital dimension to any real object, place or interaction. Introduce yourself on business cards, tell your product or brand story, and expand your audiences’ experiences of your brand.


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