How to Reach Your Goals with a Great Call to Action

A great call to action can keep your viewers engaged with your content, and help you achieve your marketing and business goals. But what is a call to action, how do you choose which ones to use, and what are some great call to action ideas for video QR codes? In this post we uncover all […]

Top Tips for Using QR Codes Effectively

QR codes are a convenient way to connect places & things to the digital world. They’re simple and easy to use: you simply scan a code with your phone camera and are instantly taken to anywhere on the web. These useful little square codes are great for marketing your brand, because they can connect both […]

How to Create a Video QR Code

QR codes are a convenient and easy way to link any physical object – like a printed card or sign – with a digital experience. They’re great for connecting people with information and creating interesting and valuable experiences. For a truly engaging and memorable experience, video QR codes are the way to go. They’re perfect […]

Why Video QR Codes Are Better

In my last post I covered the limitations and shortfalls of QR codes, and how these lead to poor user experience. I also briefly discussed what we are doing at Qub to make the QR code experience better, using video QR codes. Each QR code is a unique opportunity for brands to tell their story […]

The 6 Worst QR Code Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

QR codes are awesome! They’re convenient, flexible, and a speedy way to connect physical places and things to digital content. But, I think we can agree that generally the user experience for QR codes kinda… sucks. I’m confident this has happened to you before. You scanned a QR code and got a crummy experience. You might […]

8 Video QR Code Ideas for Small Business

QR codes are a great way to link physical objects with the digital world. They’re convenient and easy to use – simply scan a code with your phone camera, and you’re immediately taken to a digital experience. The convenience of QR codes and their mobile-friendly nature make them useful for small businesses that want to […]


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