Why Video QR Codes are So Powerful

May 22, 2024

QR codes are excellent for seamlessly connecting physical things, places and moments to digital experiences, making them perfect for engaging, connecting and sharing information.

To make the most of QR codes, it’s best to share content that is mobile-friendly, easy to consume and understand, and relevant to the user. Videos, particularly short-form video, like those found on TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, are perfect for this because they can quickly and effectively convey your message to users on mobile devices.

Whether you want to engage your audience, share important information, or enhance an experience with entertaining content, video QR codes are a seamless, engaging, and flexible option. In this post we'll be exploring why video QR codes are so engaging and impactful, and some tips on how to maximise their potential.

Why video QR codes are so powerful

Video QR Codes are Highly Engaging

When scanning QR codes, people expect mobile-friendly, easy-to-consume content. Videos are perfect for this - they’re highly engaging, easy to watch and don’t require the viewer to navigate an interface or find the relevant information on a website.

Video is Informative

 if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even better. You can quickly share information, demonstrate something, or tell your story with engaging visuals in a video. 

Audiences Prefer Video

People on mobile prefer video, and they’re consuming more video content than ever before. This familiarity makes video an ideal way to engage with your audience via QR codes.

Video is Easy to Create

Creating short-form videos is straightforward - it can be as simple as turning on your selfie camera and speaking. Unlike graphic or web design, which requires specialised skills, anyone can shoot and edit videos on their phone. This also makes them easy to update, so your content stays fresh and relevant.

Video is Simple

Video is simple to create and share, unlike other more complicated content formats like websites or presentations. And, videos are easy understood by audiences.

Video is a Flexible Canvas for your Story

Videos can be anything from a simple selfie video to a cinematic montage. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different storytelling styles. With Qubio’s QR stacks you can also add links, images and other content blocks, so it’s the ultimate flexible QR code experience.

Video is Simple to Update

QR codes work best when the content they link to is dynamic and current. With Qubio, you can easily update your content and QRs, ensuring your codes and message are always up-to-date.

Get the most from video QR codes

Add a Call To Action

Viewers will be more likely to scan your QR code if you add an enticing message encouraging them to scan. A good QR code Call to Action will let people know what they are going to get by scanning, and convey a sense of it being worth it. Try call to actions like:

  • Scan To Watch a video

  • Scan for Video Message

  • I'm a Video QR. Scan Me!

  • Video QR Code. Scan to Watch.

Keep it Short

Viewers are on mobile, so the most impactful videos will be short and get right to the point. However, don't make it so short that people can't understand what your video is about. The right length will depend on where your QR code is going and what you want to communicate in your video.

Think About the Small Screen

Because QR codes are typically viewed on mobile devices, the content should be easy to see and understand on a small screen. When creating your video, shoot in close up and fill the frame with each important detail.

Use A Shorter Aspect Ratio

While TikTok and Instagram Reels are a full vertical 9:16 frame, Qubio videos perform better when they are shorter. Shoot and crop your video to a Square 1:1 aspect ratio, 4:5 or 3:4 aspect ratio for better results.

Add an Action to the End of Your Video

Now your audience is engaged in your content, ask them to take another action, like following you on social media, visiting your online store, or contacting you. With Qubio you can add Links, Icons and more below your video, so make sure to tell your viewers to take another action and stay connected. Try these Qubio blocks on your Video QR Codes

  • Links

  • Social Icons

  • Contact Card

  • Contact Form

Keep it Relevant & Up to Date

Check back occasionally on your video content to make sure it's still relevant. If your video needs a refresh, take the time to update the content so anyone who scans your QR code gets the best possible experience.

Qubio makes it easy to create video QR codes

Qubio makes creating and sharing video QR codes easy. With Qubio, you can quickly create engaging QR content stacks that include not just videos, but images, links and more. Unlike other video sharing or social media platforms, you can update Qubio stacks anytime and customise the style to match your unique style - and you can do it all on your iOS or Android device.

By using video QR codes, you can enhance your storytelling, engage more effectively with your audience, and keep your content dynamic and up-to-date. Try creating a Video QR today!

Download Qubio now and start creating Video QR Codes