Watch our short tutorial video to see how Qubio works.

What is Qubio?

Qubio is a simple and seamless way to add digital content to the real world using QR codes. With Qubio you can create digital content ‘stacks’ with videos, links, images and more, and share them via QR codes.

Qubio stacks can be updated at anytime, so they are a flexible, powerful and reliable way to create great experiences that inform, engage and inspire using QR codes.

How does Qubio work?

Create stacks of digital content and share them via QR codes.

A stack is made of different content blocks, like links, videos, images, carousels and more. Each stack can have a unique look, with different colours, element styles and backgrounds.

Get the most out of stacks by creating a unique stack for each individual real-world object, place or moment that you want to add content to.

Create a stack

On the home screen, tap New stack

To add a content block, tap the Add + button. Select the block type you want to add, configure it and tap done ✔️ to add it. 

Qubio stacks can be edited at any time. All changes are made live instantly, so you can update your content on-the-go.  

Reorder blocks

While editing a stack, tap the reorder ↕️ button. Drag and drop blocks to change the order, then tap done ✔️ to save. 

Share a stack via QR

While editing a stack, tap the QR code icon. 

Tap Create QR to generate a QR for your stack. The QR can then be styled and shared. 

We recommend naming your QRs for where they will be placed so you can identify them later. For example you might call one ‘Band TShirt’ and another ‘Poster’ 

Multiple QRs can be linked to a single stack. This is helpful for tracking scans from different places separately, for example different locations or different items.

Style stacks

You can customise Qubio stacks to match your unique style and aesthetic, and each stack can have a different style.

To edit a stack’s style, tap the palette 🎨 icon.

Customise the style using the style options, then tap done ✔️ to save your changes.

Access more style options by upgrading to Qubio Plus.

Change a QR link

All Qubio QRs are dynamic. This means you can change what the QR links to at any time. You can change to link to another stack, or even link to web addresses (a.k.a. URLs), for example your website. 

To change a Qubio QR link, tap the QR, then tap Change link.

Track QR scans and stack views

You can review your content’s performance using Qubio’s built-in analytics. 

To access analytics, tap the analytics button on the home screen. 

You can also access analytics for a single stack or QR by navigating to the stack or QR and then tapping the analytics button.