Why We Created Qubio

Jun 5, 2024

Hi, we're Jeffrey and Angus – two creatives based in Australia. We founded Qubio because we needed a simple and seamless way to share digital content via QR codes in our small businesses.

In 2020, we launched Heliograf, a design brand with a mission to tackle ocean plastic pollution. Our debut product, ‘Light Soy’ is a playful lamp created as a statement on single-use plastic soy sauce containers. Each lamp is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic and helps fund plastic cleanups in regions that cause ocean pollution.

We've been fortunate to receive a Gold Good Design Award and be featured in publications like The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, Dezeen, the Australian Financial Review and many more, and sold our lamps in over 40 countries.

All of this was achieved by a tiny team doing everything in-house.

Why did we create a QR app?

When it came to creating our unboxing experience, we wanted to add engaging content – shared via QR codes – to the packaging.

Our aim was to tell the story and show how our customers could have a positive impact, using short-form digital content. As an added bonus this meant we didn't have to print expensive and wasteful packaging or brochures, and we could update the content at any time as our story evolved.

But – we couldn't find a simple, affordable tool to create a seamless QR experiences, and building a solution ourselves was more challenging than we anticipated.

QR experiences should be better

QR codes have so much potential to enhance real objects, places, and moments with digital content.

But their amazing ability to connect a real moment to a digital one is not being fully realised. Without the right tools, creators can't unlock their full power.

So, we founded Qubio for people and brands like us – creators, communicators, and small businesses with stories to tell and audiences to engage – who deserve a better tool.

The Qubio experience

Qubio is the result of two years of design and testing with a small, global team.

In Qubio, creators can build QR ‘stacks’ with videos, carousels, audio, links, and more, and instantly connected to customizable QR codes.

Qubio stacks are optimized for mobile-friendly, on-the-go experiences and designed to be a simple, seamless way to share content via QRs - without needing a website or knowing anything about web or UX design.

Best of all, creating & updating this content is fast & simple – and done entirely from your mobile device.

Why Qubio?

Simple & seamless: You don’t need to know anything about design or coding to create great QR experiences.

On-brand & flexible: You can customize the style of stacks and QRs, edit and update your content at any time & forget about ads and algorithms.

All-in-one: creating, edit and track QR content, anywhere, anytime, from your phone.

Unlock the power of QR: use QR codes to link the physical and digital worlds, be more flexible, print less, and collect meaningful insights.

Our Vision

We believe Qubio is the start of a new generation of QR experience design – a simple and seamless way for anyone to augment the real world. Whether you're a small business owner, creator, artist, educator, or just want to connect, Qubio empowers you to inform, engage, and inspire your audience with ease.

Qubio is available now for iOS and Android.