why Qubio is better

Unlike other apps & services, Qubio is purpose-built for seamless & awesome QR experiences. Our QR content stacks are optimised, fast, mobile-friendly, easy to create & update and built for creators, communicators and anyone who wants to get things done. You deserve to spend your time inspiring and engaging your audience in the real world, not building websites or fixing broken QR codes.

Purpose-built & optimised

Qubio is tailored to the needs of QR codes and for connecting the real world with the digital. Qubio stacks are mobile optimised, fast loading, designed for those on-the-go, and free from the clutter of websites and social profiles.

Clutter & distraction free

Qubio stacks are free from cookie notices, ads, algorithms and distractions, so your audience gets to see your story – not someone else's.

Build it yourself

Use your existing content creation skills to create awesome physical to digital QR experiences. You don’t need a designer, developer or agency.

Move fast

Set up QR content stacks in moments, and update at any time from your phone. Be fast & flexible. Don’t wait for designers, developers, or approvals.

Analytics out of the box

Track QR scans and stack views automatically and check your progress in the app.

Change on the fly

Update content, redirect QRs and do everything from anywhere, anytime.

QR everything

Because Qubio is so easy to use, creating unique content relevant to each real-world object, place or moment is no longer a daunting task - and you can do it all without cluttering your website or socials.


No updates, no plugins, no code, no formatting issues, no broken QRs. Need we say more?