What is Qubio?

Qubio is a simple & seamless way to share digital content via QR codes.

With Qubio's mobile app, anyone can build content 'stacks' with video, images, carousels, links and more, and share instantly via QR codes. Qubio stacks are simple, mobile-friendly, lightning fast, free from ads & algorithms, and can be updated anywhere, anytime from your phone.

Qubio makes it easy to inform, engage and inspire in the real world via QR codes. Get the app free on iOS and Android.

How does Qubio work?

Qubio creators build 'stacks' of digital content and share them via QR codes.

A stack is a small microsite specifically designed for QR code experiences. Stacks can be made of videos, carousels, links, images and more. Each stack can have a unique look, with different colours, element styles and backgrounds.

Stacks can be used to add digital content to a physical object, place or moment seamlessly.

Who is building Qubio?

Qubio was founded by Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware, an award-winning creative partnership based in Sydney, Australia, with a remote team around the world.

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How can we get more information or content?

Please contact us with your questions or content requests and we will be happy to assist.